I am a Member of the European Parliament representing Finland and the S&D Group. I am eager to find sustainable solutions to climate change and Energy sector. I am looking for more investments in research, knowledge and fair working life through the European cooperation. Digitalization and teleoperation markets are close to my heart, and in the European Parliament I am also known as “Madame Roaming” and “Digi-MEP”.


I am a member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy  (ITRE) and a substitute of the Committees on International Trade (INTA) and on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO). At the moment I am also the first vice-chair of the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age (AIDA). For 11 years, I was a member of the Finnish Parliament. Among other things, I was the chairperson of the Parliament’s Grand Committee, which focuses in the relationship between the EU and Finnish Parliament. I have been a member of the municipal council of Vaasa for 20 years.

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