Puheeni täysistunnossa Inflation Reduction Act:ista 14.12.

Puheeni täysistunnossa 14.12. Yhdysvaltojen Inflation Reduction Act -paketista.


Madam President, dear Commissioner and Minister Bek,


It’s overwhelmingly positive that the USA is finally also investing in climate change and engaging for these actions in the Inflation Reduction Act, just as we debated with the colleagues ten days ago in the Congress. Also we see that the third TTC Ministerial was also positive on its concrete outcomes, on digital infrastructure and charging point standardisation among others, and also the new labour dialogue.


However, the unintended consequences of this act, the Inflation Reduction Act, undermine this good work. The Inflation Reduction Act design seriously risks drawing investments away from Europe to the USA, and it violates US international trade commitments. If there is no satisfactory solution very soon, the EU response must be swift and it must at the same time respect the principles of our single market, the most powerful tool for our economy and global standing, with the right balance and targeted support for future—proof industries, we should establish retail and supply chains with like—minded allies and lay down the foundation of our own strategic autonomy, alongside – and not against – transatlantic allies.


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