Puheeni täysistunnossa EU:n joukoista, artikla 44 ja nopeasta joukkojen käyttöönotosta.

Dear president, dear colleagues,

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of global security challenges, the European Union must adapt and strengthen its capabilities to react quickly, robustly and effectively to
conflicts and crises outside our borders. The EU Rapid Deployment Capacity is a critical component of our collective security.

The EU Rapid Deployment Capacity allows us to respond swiftly and decisively to crises beyond our borders. It enables us to project stability in areas where conflict threatens regional security. Such tasks will include rescue and evacuation operations, initial entry and initial phase of stabilisation operations, temporary reinforcement of other missions and acting as a reserve force to secure exit.

This capability, coupled with the EU Battlegroups, which are multinational and high-readiness military units, provides us with a flexible and rapid response force.

The way forward is clear. We must continue to invest in and strengthen the EU Rapid Deployment Capacity and EU Battlegroups, while utilizing Article 44 TEU to its full potential. We must enhance our military readiness, improve our interoperability, and foster closer cooperation among Member States to ensure a more effective and efficient EU capability.

Together, we can shape a more secure future for our citizens and contribute to global peace and stability. Thank you.


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