Puheeni täysistunnossa Fit for 55 -ilmastopaketista

Mr President, I think we are doing now what the decision makers of today have to do. We are doing legislation to save the climate. Climate heating needs actions from decision makers of today.


Maybe it is hard to love every detail of the big package, but we have to love our planet and try to give it to our children in the shape that we inherited it. It’s hard and we need all these actions. There is not good or bad emissions; all the sectors have to look at how they can get rid of the emissions.


Did we do any mistakes in the past in the climate policies? I think we did. We didn’t take care of the consumption emissions we caused in Europe. Now, the CBAM together with the ETS is tackling that challenge. Together with the ETS, we will see that there will be a price on carbon. Also the investors have learned to love this security for their investments. We see that is happening. A lot of new work, a lot of new well-being for Europeans is promised when they can trust that there is a price on carbon.


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