Speech at the European parliament’s plenary about future of EU-US relationships

Speech at the European parliament’s plenary about future of EU-US relationships 5.10.2021

Thank you Chair,

With the challenges of today, it is so crucial that we work together with other democracies. It makes us stronger to defend our values and our safety. Climate change, technological transformation and international trade tensions are just few of the policy areas where we cannot afford to have disputes but seek for cooperation across the Atlantic. 

After some rough years, the Trade and Technology Council held last week in Pittsburgh was an extremely promising step towards deepening the transatlantic resolve on these important issues. If TTC succeeds to find a way to fight together for the human-centric AI, guide emerging disruptive technologies, find good common standards, set and speed up markets for green technology to cut emissions and solve climate crisis, we will not only have the Brussels effect, but we can have, even better, the Transatlantic effect: for climate, for democracy, for human rights and for decent work.

I also welcome Biden’s decision to take US back to international organizations: that is very much needed.  As the Vice-Chair for the Transatlantic Legislative Dialogue (TLD), I welcome here what is written in the report to call for the establishment of a sub-committee on tech and trade within TLD to complement the executive part of the TTC and to exercise democratic oversight in the European Parliament. We are ready to do that.


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